Main Characters

Yaroslav (Yaroslav Urusov): 33 years old teacher, Ph.D. in History. He works at N-16′s University, and his course – History of Technical Progress – apparently is very important for the Noosphere corporation. That allows Yaroslav to maintain his position at the University despite his best efforts to ruin his own career by having an affairs with few female students (allegedly). He has an albinism condition with partial skin pigmentation and is secretly very shy about it, though overly self-confident about everything else. He lives in fine appartment at Fourth Circle and almost never leaves the Hill, so he looks at life in N-16 from certain ivory tower.

Jule (Julia Morenko): 13 years old nuclear ball of burning plasma, metaphorically speaking. Her parents work for Noosphere and seem to be very busy so Jule lives at the school dorms like many other of her classmates. Jule is over-enthusiastic about studying all new things she finds cool and interesting, and that makes it hard for her to have friends of her own age. She can be annoying, sticky and even arrogant, but her endless energy, curiosity and honesty make her very special for those who know her well enough. She is also a [spoiler!] and will become a [spoiler!] one day.

Quinine (Yana Tikhomirova): 27 years old mechanic, craftsman and amateur tattoo artist, working and living in her garage at the Outer Circle of N-16. She has quite a struggling relationship with her girlfriend Inga, besides that she seems to be very calm and rational. Quinine is always eager to explore each and every part of town, including abandonded industrial objects on the Hill, empty blocks of Outer Circle, dark tunnels under the Hill, and now the Doors. Her hospitality usually makes her garage a crowdy place with lots of visitors at any time of day or night.

Kostya (Konstantin Temnov): 19 years old student at N-16′s University. He spends most of his free time with his computer searching the net for any trail of some mysterious entity called Sphinx. Kostya is staunch brand-hater and goes by the most banal nickname (NoName for what it’s worth) to express that; all of his belongings are either cheap analog or counterfeit, all of his software is open source or written by Kostya himself, all of his hardware is second hand or custom, and so on. He is deaf and does a great job in hiding it, masking his hearing-aid as a headphones. Kostya is a loner by nature but doesn’t hesitate to use social interactions to get what he needs — first of all, information.