Drawing Noosphere on Twitch! by arde
March 12th, 2019, 8:20 am
Watch me draw and color Noosphere pages live on Twitch! Every Tuesday at 20:00 MSK (5 pm GMT, check your local time here).

Hi there!

After some hesitation I decided to give Twitch a try: with my previous attempts to stream (on youtube) I noticed that streaming or recording a video while drawing helps me concentrate, be more focused and, ultimately, gets the job done (also, wrecks my hand, but, oh well).

So, from now on, every Tuesday at 20:00 MSK (5 pm GMT; 1 pm EDT; 10 pm PDT, etc., you can check your local time here) I'll be streaming on Twitch how I draw and/or color Noosphere pages or some other illustrations. I use Ipad Pro (2nd gen) and Procreate app, and you'll see on camera all that sweet gestures. — join me today, March 12, and every Tuesday after (unless something unexpected like alien invasion happens, but in that case I'll notify beforehand).

And don't forget to read all the latest Noosphere pages on my website: